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Sunday, April 12, 2020

#3998 - Tiny's Tavern, Mt. Angel, OR - 3/9/2020

Tiny's Tavern, Mt. Angel, Oregon
Mt. Angel Oregon is a small (approx. 3,500 people) city about 25 miles south of Portland, which was settled largely by a group of Bavarian immigrants and which now enthusiastically embraces a Bavarian theme, including hosting one of the largest Oktoberfest celebrations in the U.S. According to, the location hosted a bar called "Al's Place" starting in 1934, and was purchased in 1942 by the large bodied Mt. Angel Chief of Police after whom it was re-named Tiny's Tavern.

Tiny's is something close to a centerpiece in town, although my visit unfortunately coincided with some repair work that meant the great sign was not on display. What was left was a modest brick exterior which opened into a surprising long and knotty pine panel-lined interior. There's an antique back bar which is said to be "original" and imported from Europe, although it appears likely to be a Brunswick and hence likely to have originated in the midwest, most likely Dubuque Iowa.

Tiny's appears to share parts of the city's life including birthdays, weddings, and memorial services. In addition to providing a gathering place and a cold beer at the bar, people pick up half racks to go. I chatted with cool bartender and lifetime resident Tyler, and made a note to come back when I would after the sign was back up.

Tiny's Tavern sign, missing when I visited
(Photo from Facebook site)

155 N Main St, Mt Angel, OR 97362 - (503) 845-9247
Est. 1942
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Web site: facebook - facebook (older)
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