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Sunday, April 12, 2020

#3973 - Tiny's Tavern, North Bend, OR - 2/27/2020

Tiny's Tavern, North Bend, Oregon
After chatting up some locals at the Humboldt Club in North Bend, Oregon, they advised me that the Silver Dollar was the place in the area where one was mostly likely to get stabbed, but despite that my next stop should actually be Tiny's Tavern, around the corner (not to be confused with the Tiny's Tavern in Mt. Angel, which I would visit a couple weeks later). The fellow who accompanied me noted that there was a laundromat inside Tiny's, and while having a laundromat in your bar was nice, if one thought of it as your laundromat having a bar, it was even better.

Entering under the crackled paint sign into Tiny's presents one with a fine neighborhood dive, with a high range in customer's ages, black vinyl seating and red velvet wallpaper. Working the bar that night was Megan, whose parents bought Tiny's in 2011. Over Megan's shoulder was a photo of Evelyn Bucher, who bought the bar in 1952 and ran it for about 50 years before that, and who remains much admired. (Megan's step-mom was Evelyn's daughter.)  Excerpting from Evelyn's obituary:

"In 1956, being the independent, storng-willed person that Evelyn was, and against her husband’s wishes, she bought Tinys Tavern. Jim told her it was all hers, he was keeping his job. She continued to run Tinys until her health declined in 2009. Instead of retiring at age 65, and against her daughter’s wishes, she decided to enlarge the tavern and add a Laundromat. Outside of her family the tavern was her main focus. She put in many long and hard hours making sure her customers came first and they were happy, comfortable and well fed. She also took great pride in knowing she had served more than three generations of customers and her deep friend chicken had a state-wide reputation."

Bartender Megan
To my delight, Tiny's has an 86 list (so don't try bringing your act back here, Mandy from Safeway!) And in addition to the laundromat and pool tables, Tiny's has serves a menu centered around fried tavern fare, and a nice selection of microbrews. It makes a nice little stop for anyone who appreciates dive bars, particularly if it is late in the evening or if you have a little laundry to do.

971 Union Ave, North Bend, OR 97459 - 756-7675                              
Web site: facebook
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