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Saturday, May 26, 2018

#2680 - Applebees, Boise, ID - 12/27/2014

Yeah, well, it does have a bar and I was hungry.

On a subsequent visit to my old neighborhood in Boise, Facebook popped up with a message that it found three "highly rated restaurants" that it thought I would like. The three were Denny's, Applebees, and Copper Kitchen.

Perhaps there should be some solace in the fact that the social media goliath sitting on top of the world's richest trove of personal data -- including many hundreds of restaurants I have checked into and commented upon -- does not have the first clue what I like. But in any case, here I was in December 2014; and the food is just fine here, and as long as you stick to beer and the basics, so are the drinks. And though I can't rely on Mr. Zuckerberg and company for much help, we still manage to find a bar now and then that more profoundly catches our fancy.

2810 Elder Street, Boise, ID - (208) 344-5630
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