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Sunday, December 24, 2017

#2594 - Walt's Place, McKenna, WA - 8/23/2014

Walt's Place, McKenna, WA
The building that hold's Walt's Place is said to be one of the oldest buildings in McKenna, Washington -- though one may wonder just how many buildings there are in this tiny community on the banks of the Nisqually river, east of Yelm and south of Tacoma. In any case, it has serious history, constructed "in 1895 by the Salsich Lumber Company as the supply/convenience store for the workers living in the boarding house across the street from Walt’s" (now Nisqually Valley Care Center). (yelmonline)

The bar appears to have moved in in 1961 and remained in Walt Coffel's family for 52 years until Walt's son Frank "Spark" Coffel sold it to a local couple in 2013. It's largely positioned as a sports bar, and it's serious about that, with a wooden carving of Ken Griffey Jr. out front and the rainsgutters looping over wooden Seahawks logos. But the vibe is of a neighborhood dive, with cheap cocktails, pulltabs, taxidermy, a lot of character, a lot of characters, and what looks like the original wooden floor. If you like old bars or are just want to catch a game while in the greater Yelm area, it's a nifty little stop.

Walt's Place, McKenna, WA

Nikki, our friendly bartender at Walt's Place, McKenna, WA

35711 Washington 507, Roy, WA 98580 - (360) 458-3221                   
Est. 1961 - Building constructed: 1895
Previous bars in this location: None known
Reviews:  yelmonline - yelp 

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