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Sunday, December 24, 2017

#2591 #S1273 - Vittles, Seattle - 8/17/2014

Update: Vittles closed in October 2017, noting that they are looking for a new location.

Vittles, Seattle, WA
I don't even know how to describe the menu at Vittles. It's as if someone took a broad menu from a cross section of American restaurants and told the chef, okay, make all these, but a little smaller and a lot more interesting. There are crab beignets, watermelon feta salads, polenta, poutine, calamari, and various fancy burgers and flatbreads and pastas and salads -- and all prepared a bit better than you normally see. They also have some pretty good cocktails, and for a while in 2016 employed Seattle's legendary bartender Murray Stenson (which must have garnered some attention from the folks at Rob Roy next door). You won't wind up here from thinking "I feel like XYZ cuisine tonight," but that shouldn't keep you from going.

2330 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121 - (206) 448-3348
Est. Aug 2014 - Closed Oct 2017 - Building constructed: 1950
Previous bars in this location: Madhu
Web site: - facebook
Reviews: zagateater - thestranger - yelp - tripadvisor 

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