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Saturday, March 18, 2017

#2508 - Duvall Tavern, Duvall, WA - 4/24/2014

Duvall Tavern, Duvall, WA
About 15 miles northeast of Seattle as the crow flies sits the city of Duvall, homesteaded by loggers and Civil War veterans after the U.S. government filched the land from the ancestral Tulalip tribes. But the community really got going when the railroads moved the residents of the town of Cherry Valley here in 1909, to make way for a route through the original location half a mile to the south. Some of the buildings moved, including the Grange hall and Hix Market remain to this day. But perhaps the most famous event in Duvall history is the Great Piano Drop of 1968, when a standup piano was dropped from a helicopter before an outdoor concert featuring Country Joe and the Fish. The piano missed its target, but fortunately also missed the estimated 3,000 people attending. This event led to a series of multi-day, multi-band, Sky River Rock Festival outdoor concerts in nearby Sultan, featuring performers like the Grateful Dead, Santana, Muddy Waters, Big Mama Thornton and Richard Pryor, and which may have inspired the similar event at Woodstock.

Duvall Tavern, c.2012 - photo: Irwin Group
It is not known how many, if any, if the hippie concert attendees dropped by what was by then Duvall's oldest operating business, the Duval Tavern. The bar is said to have opened in 1934, shortly after prohibition ended, in a building constructed during prohibition next to the ramp to the old Stewart Street Bridge, although at that time was known as Myers Cafe and Tavern. I was attending shortly after the grand reopening June 27th under new ownership, after considerable spiffing up of the physical premises, beer choices, and menu.

While I personally may have prefered the divey biker's bar with its rock and fading wood exterior, the new, gentrified version appears to be doing a bustling business, accomodating a broad range of customers, and preserving artifacts of the old joint in everything from historic photos to hanging the old, heavily-carved table tops on the wall. My "Washington State Salad" was excellent, the burger was quite good, and the whole place was packed with happy locals of all ages.

The Great Duvall Piano Drop
Photo: Pat Dorpat

Duvall Tavern, Washington State Salad
15807 Main St NE, Duvall, WA 98019 - (425) 318-6277
Est. ? (1934 as Myers Cafe & Tavern) - Building constructed: 1931
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Terry said...

All these many years later.... still great beer, hearty food, friendly people of all genere.