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Monday, December 19, 2016

#2814 - Simcoe Tavern, Goldendale, WA - 7/10/2015

I wish I could tell you how long the Simcoe Cafe -- and the Desert Room bar in back -- have been here in Goldendale, Washington. The best I could do was from a 72-yo patron named Lee, who says it's been here as long as he can remember -- and he can remember when he was a kid walking along the then wooden sidewalks. The earliest date I've found evidence for is 1946. The sign appears to date back to 1958 (Goldendale Sentinel, March 27). I have an email into the Klickitat County Historical Society.

It's a small place -- one of the smaller business-to-sign size ratios in the state I'd have to venture. The divey bar is filled with old guys in baseball caps, who sit under octagonal bins that hold dollar bills once pinned to the ceiling. The food is old school bar food, the drinks are cheap and stiff, and the most common phrase in the bar appears to be "No shit."

123 W Main St, Goldendale, WA 98620 - (509) 773-9970                  
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Anonymous said...

Go to Goldendale often, and always wanted to venture into the Simcoe! After reading this, I definitely will