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Saturday, December 17, 2016

#2812 - Savage Moose, Kenmore, WA - 7/9/2015

So here's the scuttlebutt I'm hearing on the Savage Moose, and the Lakepointe Bar & Grill which preceded it: The previous owner of 12 years "screwed over lots of people." So the bartender he was supposed to sell the palce to puchased another joint in Kenmore and took most the customers with her.  Under the current owners, I am informed, customers are coming back.  (All scuttlebutt completely unverified and probably unfair, but that's how scuttlebutt goes.)

Kenmore contretemps aside, the pub remains a prototypical suburban sports bar, with pull tabs, deep fried food, TVs, karaoke, trivia, etc. But even if you don't have a bar hobby, how can you not check out a place named Savage Moose?

18018 61st Ave NE, Kenmore, WA 98028 - (425) 486-8021
Est. April 2015 - Building constructed: 1966
Previous bars in this location: Lake Forest Inn, Lakepointe Bar & Grill
Reviews: yelp

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