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Saturday, November 15, 2014

#2290 - Crow Bar, Portland, OR - 9/14/2013

I like this place, and I get the sense that if I had been here with the crowd on a Friday or Saturday night, I would probably like it even more.

"Yes, there is a fine Jazz series at the Blue Monk on Sunday nights and it’s possible to go to both, but for your own musical pleasure and discovery do not miss the little funky rag-tag club basement with black couches and benches in the Crow Bar. In order to get a drink, you have to go upstairs where music (distinctly not Indie-Jazz or any other kind of Jazz) is blasting out over the speakers (and sometimes down the stairs to the club basement." (oregonmusicnews)

"The oldest bar on the street, The Crow is as divey as a bar can get on Mississippi Ave. " (facebook)

3954 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227 - (503) 280-7099
Est. Dec 31, 2002
Web site: - facebook
Reviews: oregonmusicnews - yelp - insiderpages - portlandmercurybarflymag

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