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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

#2285 - The Lovecraft, Portland, OR - 9/13/2013

'The Lovecraft is a horror themed tea shop and bar located in sunny Portland Oregon. Paying tribute to the world of horror in all of its forms with Lovecraft inspired and local art and decor. We also have different theme nights ranging from industrial and goth, metal in all of it's forms, performance art, live music, electro, and karaoke. We also have a monthly "Love Craft Fair" promoting local DIY culture and crafts.'

'The Lovecraft is not a goth bar, or a metal bar, or a gay bar, or a pagan bar. It is a horror bar that caters to all of the above. Tuesday is metal night. Thursdays and Fridays are pretty gothy. Weds caters to psychobilly and experimental noise bands. Sunday is karaoke. And Saturdays are for dancing. The bar welcomes the crusty gutter punks to Anne Rice crowd to the gamers to the cute librarians. Just respect it. If you can’t respect the diversity, you will be asked to leave. Like any other establishment, we reserve the right the right to refuse service, and that is your fault, not ours."'

421 SE Grand Ave, Portland, OR 97214 - (971) 270-7760
Est. 2011
Web site: - facebook
Reviews: thelovecraftsman - lacarmina - barflymag - yelp - portlandmercury

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