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Monday, May 19, 2014

#2198 - Entiat Log Cabin, Entiat, WA - 5/27/2013

Entiat Log Cabin, Entiat, WA
The town of Entiat, hugging the Columbia River at the eastern base of the Cascade Mountains, where big horn sheep often startle drivers on Highway 97, is in its third location. The first Entiat burned down in 1913, whereupon they relocated near the railroad line built the following year.  The second time they got a little more warning, and moved a few select buildings before the Rocky Reach dam inundated the area in 1962. Both in the middle and on the edge of Entiat, which has two larger portions squeezing into a narrow section in between, is the Entiat Log Cabin.

Entiat Log Cabin, Entiat, WA
The Log Cabin is a fairly large place, ordinary looking on the outside, but with a nice, log cabin lodge decor inside. It is split in half by a family restaurant side and a bar side, with taxidermy heads and wagon wheel chandeliers, and somehow seems twice as large from the inside. It serves a wide selection of bottled beers (99 of them, according to the sign), and a fairly typical pub menu of prime rib, pizza, and burgers. It hosts a combination of locals and tourists seeking the many nearby outdoor recreation options. We had a funny and friendly chat with customers Kirk and Lisa during our visit.

Entiat, WA

Entiat Log Cabin, Entiat, WA

Mysteriously entombed urinal in the men's
room of the Entiat Log Cabin

14481 U.S. 97 Alt, Entiat, WA 98822 - (509) 784-2156                   
Est. 2004 - Building constructed: 1960
Previous bars in this location: None known
Web site: facebook
Reviews: yelp - tripadvisor

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August 2018 comment 2: John, the new owner, also owns Riverside Pub and Columbia River Brewing Company, Wenatchee. Six weeks ago he reopened Duffy's (historic name) in Dryden, 8459 Main Street. The bar is over 50 years old, previously known as O'Rafferty's in intermediate years.