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Saturday, May 10, 2014

#2196 - The Shorthorn Tavern, Omak, WA - 5/27/2013

Omak Washington, named for the Salishan Indian term "Omache" ("good medicine," a reference to the favorable climate), is a small city, but with about 5,000 people it is the largest community in Okanagan County. It is most well known for the annual Omak Stampede and its Suicide Race. Along Main Street, many of the business names echo the old west and cattle raising themes. According to the Wenatchee World, in 1910 Omak voted itself dry 97-2, while nearby Okanagan voted against prohibition by 82-40. Nevertheless, as we drove around the two cities in 2013, it was in Omak where we located an open bar, the Shorthorn Tavern.

The Shorthorn is a little larger than it looks from the outside, and serves up the classic small town dive bar drinks and food choices, pool tables and pull tabs. If you're going to be on Omak for a while, you could also try the lounge in the back of Mickey's (formerly The Lariat) or the North Country Pub, which we were not able to experience but look like they are also comfortable small town dives. You'd better have cash though, because that's all some of these places accept, and Mickey's has a notice specifically prohibiting bumming beers or cigarettes.

3 N Main St, Omak, WA 98841 - (509) 826-0338            

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