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Sunday, April 27, 2014

#2184 - Spillway Lounge, Coulee Dam Casino, Coulee Dam, WA - 5/24/2013

Coulee Dam is a small town (population approx. 1,000) that spans three counties - Douglas, Grant, and Okanogan -- built to house the people constructing the dam. From Wikipedia:
"The Okanogan County portion was known as Mason City, location of the head contractor. The Portions in Douglas and Grant Counties was known as Engineers Town and was government owned. In 1942 with the end of the contract in sight, CBI transferred control of Mason City to the over to the Municipal Division of the Columbia Basin Project. In 1948 Mason City was incorporated into Coulee Dam. Government began the process of selling the town to the public in 1957, finishing in 1959. Coulee Dam was officially incorporated as a town on February 26, 1959. It is the headquarters of Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area, and home of one of the world's largest man-made piles of sand ..."
Of course this is not to mention the 12 million cubic yards and 46-story tall concrete that backs up the Columbia River for 150 miles.

In contrast to the mammoth dam next door, the Coulee Dam Casino is decidedly non-epic, and it's main attraction seems to be, well, I guess people just like casinos no matter what.

516 Birch St, Coulee Dam, WA 99116 - (509) 633-0766
Web site: - facebook
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