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Sunday, April 06, 2014

#2171 - The Shire, Chehalis, WA - 5/17/2013

"We got lucky," the owner of The Shire told me, and indeed, for someone wanting to start a new bar and restaurant, what a swell thing to find one of the state's more historic bar spaces available and within your budget? While Lewis County tax records indicate the building dates back to 1920, I tend to think this is some kind of error or remodel date, and lean toward the history reported in various places, though not in any primary sources I have found, that the place was established as the Olympia Bar around 1903.

There is a grand Brunswick "Empire" model back bar, similar to models in BC MacDonalds in Chelan, Bottle and Bull in Kirkland, Engine House No. 9 in Tacoma, Kuhnle's Tavern in Marysville, and Maryhill Winery in Goldendale.

Today, The Shire is a relatively large place that serves some nice steaks, pastas, and seafood choices, and better than average cocktails. They host live music on Saturdays and karaoke on Fridays. The entire place is a nice nod to pre-prohibition saloons -- yes, they have barstools now, but it retains the old back bar and the capacious rectangle of space, with old photos on the walls. It's a nice stop if you are in the area seeking something a bit more formal than a quick bite for the road, or just want to have a cocktail and check out a historical spot.

465 NW Chehalis Ave, Chehalis, WA 98532 - (360) 748-3720
Est. Feb 2003 - Building constructed: 1903? 1920?
Previous bars in this location: Olympia Bar, Guido's
Web site: - facebook
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