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Sunday, February 09, 2014

#2131 #S1132 - Standard Brewing, Seattle - 4/13/2013

"Standard Brewing" may sound like a faceless, corporate brewery, but at least this version is run mostly by one familiar face and is about as small as a brewery and brew pub get. Justin Gerardy, familiar to craft cocktail fans from the Hideout and Vito's, churns out one-barrel batches of interesting beers and serves them in a cozy tasting room with 8 seats and a landscape painted by his grandmother. I had the tasty rye IPA. Standard is a pleasant, intimate place to relax with a good pint.

Historical notes: While it may not look it from the exterior, at least some basic parts of the underlying building here were constructed back in 1915, and in what one must presume was a very different configuration there was once a neighborhood tavern in this space. The Mount Baker Tavern was at this address from at least the 1950s into the 1980s. If anyone has any photos or information on the tavern, I'd love to see them.)

2504 S Jackson St, Suite C, Seattle, WA 98144 - (206) 535-1584
Est. March 20, 2013 - Building constructed: 1915
Previous bars in this location: Mount Baker Tavern
Web site: - facebook
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