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Saturday, September 21, 2013

#2071 - Bamboo Hut, San Francisco - 2/26/2013

Along with the fine craft cocktails of Smugger's Cove, and the old school showiness of the Tonga Room, the Bamboo Hut, along with Trad'r Sam, complements the tiki options of San Francisco with the essential neighborhood dive style tiki bar. The drinks are okay, which is to say, substantially better than your average divey tiki bar, it is happily dark, and the menu and decor are fully invested in the theme. The dominant feature is a large tiki head that is said to have been from Sacramento's Coral Reef Restaurant and date back to the late 40s. Some might consider it a bit too nightclubby and a bit too young to be merit the description of "dive," but the various characters from the sketchy neighborhood clinch the matter for me. It's a fun place.

479 Broadway San Francisco, CA 94133 - (415) 989-8555
Est. 1999
Web site: - facebook
Reviews: critiki - yelp - The Swank Bastards video -

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