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Sunday, September 01, 2013

#2067 - Wexler's, San Francisco - 2/26/2013

I had to check out this upscale barbeque place based on a friend's describing them as having "good, smokey Manhattans." They did, and pork plate that I had was very tasty as well.

The only shortcoming for me is that the place is small and busy, which limited its ability to feel relaxed and intimate. That may be picking nits and is probably inevitable for a small space in the financial district with a Michelin star chef. But judging it as a bar, this puts it just a notch below my highly recommended ranking.

568 Sacramento St San Francisco, CA 94111 - (415) 983-0102
Est. June 2009
Web site: - facebook
Reviews: sfgate - sfweekly - chow - yelp

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