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Thursday, August 01, 2013

#2059 - The Pub, Albany, CA - 2/24/2013

Formerly Schmidt's Pub, now just "The Pub," this place is both super quiet and conducive to discussion. It can be like that thanks to the various rooms and outdoor spaces, as there appears to have been minimal remodeling from when this was someone's home. They have a few nice beers but the vibe is much more that of a coffee house than a bar, with customers buried in books, laptops, and chess games.

1492 Solano Ave Albany, CA 94706 - (510) 525-1900
Est. 1980 (as Schmidt's)
Previous bars in this location: Schmidt's Pub
Web site: schmidtspub.comfacebook
Reviews: patch - janabouc - yelp

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Great place… They always have a new craft beer on tap to compliment their standards .They also have great prices. Try the fish and chips and sky drive in bar sports UK; it’s worth your time. I can't wait to go back as well :)