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Saturday, June 08, 2013

#2014 - The Woodsman Tavern, Portland, OR - 1/19/2013

Try the: Kentucky Special

It was interesting to hear the bartender at this upscale restaurant and craft cocktail bar tell of various locals poking their head in expecting to grab a Bud in the new neighborhood dive. Instead the Woodsman usually has a line for dinner and drinks, and was recently celebrated by GQ Magazine as one of the best new restaurants in the country. I had some very nice cocktails on this evening, including a "Hunting Vest" (basically and Old Pal with Cedar-steeped Campari) and an even better "Kentucky Special" (12yo bourbon, Lapsang souchong, cherry heering, and Angostoga bitters). I'm no fan of oysters, so I stuck to the burger, which was pretty good, and came with fried potatoes with mayo and Saracha sauce.

4537 Southeast Division Street Portland, OR 97206 - (971) 373-8264
Est. Fall 2011

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