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Thursday, June 14, 2012

#1706 - Hula's Modern Tiki, Phoenix, AZ - 3/18/2012

Hula's is a swank, mid-century place with good tiki drinks and very good food.  We met fellow tiki aficionados Mike M. and his wife, who were very friendly, as tiki people generally are, and compared notes on Phoenix and Tucson (from whence they had just come and we were just heading).

Hula's has some familiar sites for the tiki crowd -- glass cases of Munktiki mugs under the bar, a Tiki Tony carving, a Bosko shield.  It's romantically lit and as full of mid-century shapes and angles as a Shag painting.  The concept is well executed and the people are friendly.  It's a great exception to the strip mall, chain store dreariness of so much of the valley of the sun.

4700 North Central Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85012 - (602) 265-8454 - facebook - critiki - thetikichick - backpage - centralphoenixfoodphxrailfood - phoenixmag - yelp
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