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Saturday, June 02, 2012

#1695 #S1011 - Empire Lounge, Seattle, WA - 3/8/2012

Update: The Empire Lounge closed in late 2012. It was replaced by the Ampersand Lounge, run by the Copper Cart team.

Among the many exciting changes in this place since it was the Copper Cart are ..... er .... um .....

The place says that it is "the ultimate in a sophisticated music lounge. With its modern, sophisticated furnishings complemented by multiple billiard tables, HD projectors and plasma TVs. [sic]." 

113 Bell St., Seattle, WA, 98121 - 206 239-0830
Est. March 9, 2012 - Building constructed: 1930
Previous bars in this location: Copper Cart Cafe - link - yelp


Marcus Kaneshiro said...

Hi Peter,
I met you at Canon on Thursday. I have really enjoyed your blog. I was especially inspired by what you wrote about LeRoux. Very cool. Next time you're in Portland, you might swing by Yur's on NW 15th. I haven't been there in many many years, but back when I first started drinking, it was probably the first bar that I could have been considered a regular. Sentimental pick on my part. I'll definitely be sharing your blog with my Seattle friends. Best wishes,
Marcus Kaneshiro
Portland OR

zzccff said...
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