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Saturday, May 19, 2012

#1684 #S1000 - Ludi's Restaurant and Lounge, Seattle, WA - 2/18/2012

Some people bemoaned the loss of The Turf, and Ludi's is not the same, but it's a lot less different than what was generally expected.  The bar and cafe are only slightly less divey than they were before, and there was no substantial remodeling or drastic change in clientele.  I do regret that we no longer have the restaurant and bar of that name, though I discovered its long history only belatedly.  From the 40s to the 80s it was on 3rd Avenue, with a cocktail lounge called the Waggin' Tongue Room, which hosted boxers and bookmakers.  Large bouts would stage their weigh-ins there.

In 1988 it moved to the 100 block of Pike Street, and then in the 2000s to its current location.  Morris Atshuler ran it in the 70s until he passed away in 1978, when his wife Pat took over and ran it for the next to decades, before retiring and selling it to a former dishwasher of the place, Greg Rosas, who remains the owner of Ludi's.  It has always catered to old folks and working people, and used to have a rush at the first of the month, when people could cash their welfare and temporary work checks there.

Because this was my 1,000th bar within the Seattle city limits, a few friends joined me, as we drank strong, cheap drinks in the corner of the back bar -- not totally different, I imagine, than was done years ago at the Turf by Bearcat Baker, the "Riverton Negro" who held the Northwest heavyweight championship and used to hang out there. (Seattle Times), or hundreds of other old-timers.  Of course now our local professional athletes tend to be millionaires, and sip their drinks at places worlds away from The Turf and Ludi's.  But if you like to have an occasional nip with folks a little closer to street level, it's still a nice little place to drop into.

200 Pike St, Seattle, WA 98101
Est. 2012 - Building constructed: 1963
Previous bars in this location: The Turf, The Grecian Inn
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