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Sunday, February 26, 2012

#1659 #S982 - The Rock, Wood Fired Pizza & Spirits, Seattle - 12/31/2011

You will not be disappointed in Rock Wood if you know what it is. If you prefer good cocktails, you will definitely not find happiness in the sorority party style cocktail menu of the Rock bar, which one hopes reaches its nadir in "Jello Boosters" ("Rockstar Energy Drink, Booze, and Jello in a Syringe"). Yes, they do have "Spirits" right in the name, but you have a pretty good idea of just how seriously a bar takes their spirits when their drink ingredients include "booze."

 Similarly, if you are seeking a fine restaurant with distinctive pizza and food, you'd be well advised to turn around and head to Serious Pie or Delancey.

But that said, the Rock delivers reliably on exactly what it simply is -- a casual, family restaurant that leans toward young people, with a high number of vanilla menu options served in large portions, with modest prices, amidst a bit of Disney-esque decor. It is basically TGIFriday with a pizza and a "classic rock" theme -- as if Hard Rock Cafe had been ordered to merge with Applebees.

If this suits your tastes and mood, the food is reliable, with enough options that any reasonable person can find items to their tastes, and served by friendly people. The pizza is a bit doughy compared to most the city's wood fired options (which lean toward Neapolitan or New York style), and indeed, shows little evidence of the wood oven at all. But it is serviceable, and probably a good compromise between adults and children.

 This place is part of an ambitious chain that started in Tacoma, and is spreading through the Northwest, Colorado and Canada. I am a middle-aged male with no children, who eats out for most my meals, and prefers a little more adventure and expertise in my drinks and cuisine. Hence the I've-Had-Better rating. But for families -- particularly if you like TGIFridays and Applebees -- you will likely be quite pleased with Rock.

300 Roy Street #101, Seattle, WA 98109 - 206-254-4900
Est. 12/30/2011 - Building constructed: 2008
Previous bars in this location: None - gastrolust - yelp - eater

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