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Monday, February 06, 2012

#1647 #S970 - Two Beers Tasting Room, Seattle - 12/17/2011

You have to know what you're doing to find the Two Beers Tasting Room -- it's off the beaten track and not open every day (currently 3-8pm Wed-Fri and 12-4pm Sat).  But it's worthwhile and people do find it -- it was larger and more full then I expected around the Saturday lunch hour.  The service and atmosphere are friendly, the beer is quite good -- I'm adding Evolutionary IPA ("Evo") to my personal list of favorites -- including a fresh hop option, and the seats are at a beautiful wood bar and tables.

4700 Ohio Ave S, Seattle, Washington 98134 - (206) 762-0490
Est. Nov 12, 2011 (Tasting room, brewery established 2007) - Building constructed: 1942 - hoppytrailsbeernews - heedthehedonist - seattlest - beernews - havegrowler - seattlemet - yelp

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