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Sunday, August 28, 2011

#1432 - Pete's Club Tavern, Carnation, WA - 4/30/2011

Pete's has gone under various names (apparently it's "The Pete" to locals, but going under "Pete's Club," "Pete's Grill & Pub," etc. etc.).  Pete's is a large place that caters to bikers but attracts all types of people.  I have read that it was established in 1910, but I have also read some conflicting information, and have found no primary sources or reliable historical references. However King county tax records confirm that the building itself dates to 1910.
4640 Tolt Ave., Carnation, WA, 98014 - (425) 333-4300
Est. year - Building constructed: 1910
link - Don Lovett - yelp - urban spoon

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Unknown said...

You have to eat at Pete's. Local down-to-earth decor and ambiance, GREAT food, and you will find just about everyone who lives near or in Carnation there! It's locally owned and loved, and how often do we get that anymore? Break away from the chains and the highfalutin hipster places and get some real food, real people, and real friendliness.