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Sunday, August 28, 2011

#1430 - Last Frontier Saloon, Fall City, WA - 4/30/2011

The Last Frontier Saloon is actually a tavern (no hard liquor) with a ton of history and a commensurately large collection of oddball decor and memorabilia. It is on the very location of the town's founding, a trading post established in 1869, and where bars have subsequently been located  since before prohibition. Here's the brief section on it published in Jack Kelley's massive "Jack's History of Fall City" in 2006:

"The Last Frontier Saloon, currently owned by Alan Lind, is a beer parlor rather than a saloon because it doesn't carry hard liquor. This building replaced the Pioneer Saloon (torn down in 1929 when the road was widened) and was constructed by Edna Cheney in 1930. It was leased to Lars Johansen, who later turned it into a beer parlor. In about 1946 it was owned by Harry Read for a number of years; an owner by the name of Talkington called it Talk's Tavern in the mid-50s."

The bar has a small kitchen serving burgers and steaks and a fairly sizable patio out back that sometimes hosts musical events.  For whatever reason, the patio is dominated by a large mural of The Three Stooges, by Evan Jones.   And while it's on a somewhat touristy thoroughfare from Seattle to Snoqualmie Falls, happily the bar is generally full of older locals.

33813 SE Redmond-Fall City Rd, Fall City, WA 98024 - (425) 222-5640
Est. ? - Building constructed: 1930
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Anonymous said...

Yes they do serve liquor.

Anonymous said...

Good eye candy behind the bar ;)love you girls

AKPetro said...

Was there first time March 2016; full service bar now. Great burgers. Better crowd.