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Saturday, June 18, 2011

#1385 #S843 - Horses Cut Shop, Seattle - 3/5/2011

Horses Cut Shop is only regularly open the first Sunday of the month, insofar as I can tell, but it is my favorite bar experience in Seattle. They have Sunday brunch, chicken shit bingo, and live music in a space they describe (accurately) as "part high octane bad idea, part Ameircana in all it's wooly glory."

Behind the bar was a sign reading "Horses Cut Shop has gone 185 Days Without Someone Throwing Up."  They ban civil war reenactments and Marshall Scott Warner.  In September they're driving 100 cases of Rainier in a 1974 Ford Camper Special to Austin, TX, where they will swap it for 100 cases of Lone Star and turn around and come back.

This is excellence.

4306 Fremont Avenue North
Est. 2010 - Closed 2012
Subsequently Underwood Stables, 2012-2014
Web site:
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