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Saturday, February 12, 2011

#1330 #S795 - Pau Hana, Seattle - 12/27/2010

Update: Pau Hana closed in late August 2012, with plans to move to Pioneer Square, which apparently did not work out.

Hawaiians like some disgusting foods. As lovely as the islands are, it's hard for me to identify with people who treasure poi and spam. But there are some very tasty items on the menu at Pau Hana. I had the very good Kalua pig and excellent sweet chili chicken wings.

Pau Hana (Hawaiian for "After Work" or "After Work Drink") was opened by one-time Hawaiian residents Peter Duane, Derrick Rowland and Bruce Wilson in November, in the former location of Huiyona (and Galerias and Cellar Bistro and Ortegas and Spaghetti Red's). As the litany of recent owners attests, it will be tough to make a go of it in this location off the beaten path (around the corner for the also new Easy Joe's).

It probably won't be the tiny bar that makes the difference, and while I like the food much more than the overly sweet cocktails, I think the place would have a better shot if it was more of a bar that served food, rather than a restaurant that has a bar. But in any case it is nice to have another different option for good food, and I wish them the best.

2355-1/2 10th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102 - (206) 323-4262 - facebook - the stranger - yelp

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