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Saturday, October 30, 2010

#1242 #S750 - Thirsty Fish, Seattle - 9/25/2010

"It's usually not like this," the bartender volunteered with no prompting from me, "It's usually mellow."  That would be a nice change from the screaming 22-year-olds with sideways baseball caps, apparently assembled for a birthday party.  The liquor choices and decor are both pretty limited and spartan, but this is positioned as a sports bar, which appears to simply mean that it has several TVs and mediocre food.  But the bartenders are friendly and likable, which can go a long way, so I plan to keep an eye on how it develops and come back when there's not a group of beginning drinkers trying too hard to leave an impression of being cool partiers.

Historical Notes:  This is the new bar in the location of the recently closed Acorn Eatery. The building was constructed in 1927 and it's hosted a bar since at least 1948.  Then and for many years afterward, including at least until 1980, it was known as Nicky's Holman Road Tavern or simply Nicky's Tavern.  By 1994 it was Atlantic Street Pizza and Comedy Stop, by 1999 it was the Ridge Pub and re-opened in 2001 as the Acorn Eatery, which closed in 2010.

9041 Holman Rd NW, Seattle, WA 98117 - (206) 782-1999   
Est. 2010 - Building constructed: 1927           
Previous bars at this location: Nicky's Tavern, Atlantic Street Pizza & Comedy, The Ridge Pub, Acorn Eatery - myballard - yelp - thrillist

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