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Sunday, July 11, 2010

#1179 #S720 - Van's 105 Tavern, Seattle - 12/31/2009

Update:  Van's was sold and renamed "Tim's Tavern" in late 2011.

This is a pretty standard neighborhood dive bar.  The decor is the same old beer-company paraphernalia, but the bartender and some of the regulars give it a good dose of personality.

I'd missed getting this on my list earlier, but I've been there two or three times, the last time on New Year's Eve, 2009/2010.  Don't ask me why.

Historical Notes:  This bar was said to be established in 1937 as "Jack's Tavern."  The first listing I've found is for Mackey's Tavern in 1948.  By 1970 and into the 1980's it was simply the "105th Street Tavern," and by 1990 it was "Van's 105 Tavern."  In late 2011 new owner Tim Arnot renamed in "Tim's Tavern."

602 N 105th St, Seattle, WA 98133 - (206) 789-9005
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