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Sunday, September 06, 2009

#884 - Richmond Beach Grill House, Shoreline, WA - 9/6/2009

Update: Richmond Beach Grill House closed in 2010

This seems like a pleasant enough little complex for families, but I would not recommend going out of your way for the lounge.

1430 NW Richmond Beach Rd., Shoreline, WA 98177 -  206-533-1500
Previous bars in this location: Arden Inn Tavern (1970s)
Subsequent bars in this location: Swannies on the Alley - - yelp

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I would not eat here unless I had been bowling and was too drunk to know I was doing it. The food is really greasy, the waitress was slow and inattentive. She said I had ordered the best thing on the menu, Philly Steak. Yuck, the worst I have ever had. I was really embarrassed, I took my sister-in-law who was in from out of town. She did not eat half her turkey sandwich. 3 slices of processed garbage, I don't blame her. If you are going bowling, eat before you get there!