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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

#880 - Tavern Law, Seattle (Capitol Hill) - 9/2/2009

My first impression of the much hyped Tavern Law was negative. After all, it was supposed to be a prime example of the new speakeasy trend, so what was it doing with a prominent sign out front identifying the place (even though anyone who even casually follows Seattle foodie and bar news knew exactly where it was)? I later realized that the speakeasy was hidden inside the public bar.

The space is nice, with lots of quirky angles, and the drinks and the food are absolutely lovely.

Thanks to (customer) Naomi for an enjoyable an informative conversation, and thanks to the TL/Spur crew for a great salmon and risotto and cocktails. I will very definitely be back.

Try the: Monkey Gland

1406 12th Ave (between Union St & Pike St), Seattle, WA 98122 - (206) 322-9734 - blog - facebook - seattle times - yelp - seattlest

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