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Saturday, November 29, 2008

#732 - Mission, Seattle (West Seattle) - 11/28/2008

Update: The owners of Mission announced that it would close Feb 17, 2024 due to "rising operational costs, changes in the economy, and an evolving hospitality landscape." 

Another lovely West Seattle bar.

Historical notes:  The building currently housing Mission on California Ave was constucted in 1924,   although it probably did not contain the upper floor at the time. The Seattle Daily Times notes a noise complaint at a bar owned by George Willey in this location in November 1933. It starts appearing in city guides under James Robinson or his "Jim's Tavern" in 1934, continuing into the 70s.  In 1980 it is the "Rainy City Tavern," in 1990 the "Caddyshack Tavern,"and by the early 2000s "Lizzard Lounge."

Seattle Daily Times, Nov 1, 1933

2325 California Avenue Southwest, Seattle - (206) 937-8220
Est. 2005 - Closed Feb 17, 2024 - Building constructed 1924
Previous bars in this location: Jim's Tavern, Rainy City Tavern, Caddyshack Tavern, Lizzard Lounge


Anonymous said...

Caddyshack Tavern Oakland April 10, 1982 and it closed in 1995

peterga said...

Thanks for the info