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Monday, November 10, 2008

#721 - Elliot Bay Brewery, Seattle (West Seattle) - 11/9/2008

Try the Dry Hopped IPA, which immediately hopped onto my favorite beers list (along with Manny's Pale and Diamond Knot Industrial).

It finally occurred to me, as it must have to many others, that West Seattle is Seattle's Portland. They've very nicely mixed in the new with the old, like a small town with an inexplicable amount of variation. And the 4400-4700 stretch of California Ave. is the best and most varied set of drinking establishments in the city, from the ultra-swanky Ama Ama, to the hip and funky West 5, from the young people's dive at the Corner Pocket, to the classic older folks' dive at Poggie Tavern. And Elliot Bay Brewery is one of a number of nice places in between

4720 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA - (206) 932-8695           
Est. July 11, 1997 - Building constructed: 1932
Previous bars in this location: California & Alaska Street Brewing Co.
Web site:

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