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Monday, January 22, 2007

#521 - Dawg Tagz, Seattle (Aurora) - 1/17/2007

Divey dive, with the regulars bragging about challenging other regulars to fights, a tiny number of liquor bottles in hastily made plywood shelves, as much garbage as can fit crammed under the pool tables, and one very lonely big fish in tank about half again his length.

12534 Aurora Ave N., Seattle, WA
Previous bars at this location: Herb's Tavern (60s to 80s), Rex Pub & Grill (early 90s), Far Western Pub (early 90s), Ima's Smokehouse Pub (mid 90s), Bitter Lake Pub (early 2000s)
Subsequent bars at this location: Lazy Fish Saloon, Heads or Tails Sports Bar

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