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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

#4141 #S1688 - Octopus Bar (corner), Seattle - 3/15/2021

The Octopus Bar, Seattle, WA

Judging from the crowd waiting for the new location of the Octopus Bar to open up today, I think they'll have a hit on their hands.

This spot on the corner of 45th and Bagley in Wallingford has hosted bars since shortly after prohibition. By 1935 it was the Picture Palace Tavern, then the Checkerboard in the early 40s to the mid 60s. In either 1964 or 1965 to became the Iron Bull, then very briefly the "Jolley Trolley in the mid 70s, and finally Goldies from the mid 70s until 2010. Later that year it became even more sport bar focused, and reinstituted the Iron Bull name until closing in November 2016.

However their loss became our gain when the frisky Octopus Bar, forced to move out of their location just around the old Guild 45th Theater, moved and greatly expanded into the space. The Octopus has 8 or 9 booths outside (which one hopes they'll be able to keep post-COVID), and a few inside spots along the front wall with big open windows that are probably just as COVID-safe. They also have a lot more indoor space right now, which I'm personally not ready to use, but their precautions seem relatively strong.

The food menu leans toward familiar comfort foods, and while the cocktail menu leans toward sugary sweet concoctions that are not going to impress more serious drinkers, but you can definitely find some satisfactory options. The big draw, of course, is the vibe and decor. From the pier pilings outside to the almost steampunk nautical decorations inside to the bathroom with sea life decor looking in and Bettie Page images looking out from the inside, it's an adult fun fest. 

2121 N 45th St, Seattle, WA 98103 - (206) 397-4557
Est. March 15, 2021 (this location); Jan 25, 2014 up the road - Building constructed: 1925
Previous bars in this location: Picture Palace Tavern, The Checkerboard, Iron Bull, Jolley Trolley, Goldies
Web site: - facebook 
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