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Saturday, April 07, 2018

#2656 #S1287 - Admiral Bird, Seattle - 11/16/2014

Admiral Bird, Seattle, WA
With just 3 seats at the bar (and where minors are not allowed), I think this is the smallest legal bar in the Seattle area? Then again, the bar is at best the fourth or fifth consideration in their business model, behind the coffee shop, the waffles and cafe, the gifts and the flowers. Which is not to say that they give little thought to their bar offerings, as along with some nice beers and ciders they feature a fruit driven cocktails like a spicy sangria, mimosas, and various shrubs.

2600 California Ave SW, Seattle, Washington - (206) 305-7182
Est. Feb 3, 2014 - Building constructed: 1906
Previous bars in this location: None known
Web site: - facebook
Reviews: yelp - tripadvisor - westseattleblogwestseattleblog - thestranger 

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