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Sunday, November 19, 2017

#2571 - Red Dog Saloon, Maple Valley, WA - 7/5/2014

Red Dog Saloon, Maple Valley, WA
The Red Dog Saloon is less than 20 miles southeast of the Seattle city limits but it is plainly a rural bar. It is popular with bikers, which for my money is highly reliable indicator of good bars once you get outside the larger cities. It appears to be an old farm site, with a sizable back yard area between the Cedar River and the Maple Valley Rention Highway. The back area features large cedar trees, a moss covered shed, horseshoes, cable spool tables, and a stage for live bands.

I have very limited data on previous incarnations, but it appears to have been the Red Dog since around 2012, Vinnie's Pub and Grill for a few years before that, and the Cedar Inn Saloon during the 90s. The main building was constructed in 1933.

Red Dog Saloon, Maple Valley, WA
The people are mostly friendly (although at least one man was stabbed to death in a Saturday night bar fight after reportedly saying to a bar regular, "Oh you're going to stab me? Really?"), and the food is unusually good versions of burgers, hot wings and other standard pub fare. The bar sponsors and hosts many of the events you'd expect from a popular rural bar, including live music on Friday nights, jam nights, car shows, chili cookoffs, karaoke, taco Thursdays and pinochle -- and a few you might not (an "arts and carafes" painting night and being part of a "Biker Games" weekend that includes a "Weanie Bite."

And like most places in an older building, some people believe it has a ghost -- although our bartender heard about a saloon up north where the owner eventually found out that the employees that were getting objects thrown at them by ghosts the ones that were stealing from him. I'm not sure that lesson that leaves us to draw.

Red Dog Saloon, Maple Valley, WA
The Red Dog is a good choice when you're looking for a relaxing respite south of Lake Sammamish.

18606 Maple Valley Hwy SE, Renton, WA 98058 - (425) 413-8600
Est. 2012?  - Building constructed: 1933
Previous bars in this location: Cedar Inn, Vinnie's Pub and Grill
Web site: facebook
Reviews: bikerfriendlybar - yelp

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