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Saturday, August 05, 2017

#2557 #S1257 - Aragona, Seattle - 6/4/2014

Strange pork and bean thing, Aragona, Seattle, WA
Update: Aragona closed in September 2014 and was refashioned into Italian themed Vespolina, which itself closed less than a year later. Stratton noted that while many people loved the Aragona menu, many others were slow to warm to it. Zach Geballe of the Seattle Weekly attributes the failure to a wine program too unfamiliar and ambitious for this space, despite being managed by two of the city's leading sommeliers:
"The goal was to get guests to take a chance on unfamiliar wines—to trust in the wine team’s skill in a way that is still largely uncomfortable for many diners. Setting aside the more outlandish suggestions, like drinking sherry with entrĂ©es, a list that offered few familiar touchstones was always going to challenge the staff and diners alike. Yet I can’t help but appreciate the optimism of such a move, even if in the long run it seemed unlikely to succeed. Indeed, as time passed and the restaurant struggled, the somm team that opened it departed. It was clear that the center could not hold."
Geballe adds that he has "no doubt" that the concept could have worked in a smaller space in a more hip neighborhood such as Capitol Hill or Ballard.

Strange ice cream thing, Aragona, Seattle, WA
Aragona is a Spanish-inspired restaurant from extolled local chef Jason Stratton. As Ronald Holden noted:
'Stratton, of course, is known to all as the "boy wonder" who took over Spinasse in its convulsive first months (when the investors dismissed founder Justin Niedermeyer), and has since continued with Artusi. To run the kitchen of the new spot, which will concentrate on Spanish fare, Stratton has turned to his longtime sidekick (and current Top Chef contestant) Carrie Mashaney.'

Strange sculpture thing, Aragona, Seattle, WA
Aragona would be recognized at a James Beard semifinalist for best new restaurant of 2014. So it was very buzzy in foodie land when Stratton took over this almost hidden space on the southern edge of tourist-filled Pike Place Market. I've lost my notes on what these food items were, but it was quite tasty while it lasted and I suppose that doesn't matter now. But we also enjoyed both the cocktails and conversation with bartender Aaron.

Strange diced thing, Aragona, Seattle, WA
96 Union St, Seattle, WA 98101 - (206) 682-3590
Est. Dec 9, 22013 - Closed Sep 6, 2014 - Building constructed: 1985
Previous bars in this location: Leo Melina, The Other Place, 96 Union, Harbor Place, The Islander, Thoa's
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