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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

#2544 - Kodi's Noon Saloon, Pateros, WA - 5/26/2014

The Hub Tavern was established in this location in Pateros (puh-TAIR-uhs) Washington in 1967. It was one of the first businesses in the moved and rebuilt part of town, as that same year Wells Dam was constructed downstream on the Columbia, flooding much of the original city with what is now called Lake Pateros. Some time in the late 90s the bar evolved into Kodi's Noon Saloon & Steak House, as owner Terry Grinnell transformed it from a dive tavern into a more versatile neighborhood joint, with a full menu, hard liquor, a patio, etc.

But the dam was not the last disaster to befall the city of Pateros and its few hundred residents. About two months after this visit 95 of the 279 homes in the area were destroyed by the Carlton Complex wildfire, the largest wildfire in Washington state history. We met some real nice people there, we wish them and the rest of the town the best, and look forward to stopping in again sometime.
Kodi's Noon Saloon, Pateros, WA

Kodi's Noon Saloon & Steak House, Pateros, WA
(river side entrance)

154 Pateros Mall, Pateros, WA 98846 - (509) 923-9767
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