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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

#2525 - Timeout Saloon, Kittatas, WA - 5/23/2014

The TimeOut Saloon, Kittitas, WA
The TimeOut Saloon was founded in 1987 by Bob and Rochelle McCollum, who ran it for about 20 years. They sold the place in 2010, Bob passed away that same year, and Rochelle died two years later. However shortly after it was sold it returned to the ownership of the family, whereupon it was run by Bob and Rochell's daughter Jennifer Johnson, along with a number of family members.

We were told by Hannah that the building is about 33 years old, but Jennifer has said that there have been bars in this location since immediately after prohibition -- "“It was the Tumbleweed, before that it was Kelly’s Bar."

The current exterior of rustic wood with a hatchet door handle is quite different from the brick and stucco appearance in Michael Caldwell's 1994 "Watering Holes of the Northwest." It's a large, clean place, with a sizable gravel patio out back and cable spool tables. The menu is mostly traditional American comfort foods, with prime rib and taco specials. The inner decor doesn't adhere to one theme, but includes homey touches like an old standup piano, pool trophies, and a quilt featuring photos of vintage cars. It feels like the family-owned place that it is, and like a substantial social locus for people of the area.

101 Main St, Kittitas, WA 98934 - (509) 968-9111
Est. 1987
Previous bars in this location: Tumbleweed, Kelly's Bar
Web site: facebook
Reviews: dailyrecordnews - yelp - tripadvisor

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Anonymous said...

September 2020: open. Popular with the locals. We got to talk with a nearby friendly customer.

Brunswick Othello: September 2020 open. Josh the young 3rd-generation owner is a great host. His family has owned it since the 1950's. The building is over 100 years old. Once had a brothel upstairs.