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Saturday, April 04, 2015

#2359 - The Portside Pub Vancouver, BC - 11/29/2013

The Portside Pub, Vancouver, BC
I probably would not have liked this place much if I'd come during its clubby hours, with the rope line and the bros with backward baseball caps (it seems odd for someplace named as a public room to charge a cover, no?). But during the slower hours when we dropped into the lower level of the three-level restaurant and bar we could relax and enjoy the nicely remodeled historic building and the maritime decor. And I'm an admirer of owner Mark Brand's (Save On Meats, Boneta, Sharks and Hammers, Diamond) appreciation for beautiful old buildings in the area and respect for the residents, even when they're down and out.

The Portside Pub, Vancouver, BC
7 Alexander Street, Vancouver, BC V6A 1E9 - (604) 559-6333
Est. Jan 28, 2013
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