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Friday, July 04, 2014

#2223 - Old Town Pump, Union Gap, WA - 7/7/2013

"The city of Union Gap was originally named Yakima and was officially incorporated on November 23, 1883. When bypassed by the Northern Pacific Railroad in December 1884, over 100 buildings were moved with rollers and horse teams to the nearby site of the depot. The new city was dubbed North Yakima. In 1918 North Yakima was changed to simply Yakima, and the original town to the south was named Union Gap." (Wikipedia)

The Old Town Pump does have an old pump in it, but everything else is newish, except for the customers and staff. However it does appear to date back to about 1960, and it looks like it has been very substantially remodeled after the old tavern was shut down in 2010. It has an old timey, wood exterior but is more like a cafe inside, serving up pretty standard drinks and pub food.

3716 Main St, Union Gap, WA 98903 - (509) 452-2864
Est. c.1960
Web site: facebook
Reviews: link - kimatv - urbanspoon

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Anonymous said...

August 2018: excellent friendly place, Next to the famous tamale cafe.