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Sunday, April 29, 2012

#1672 #S995 - The Wurst Place, Seattle - 2/3/2012

The Wurst Place has a sort of warehouse type of feel, like some brewpubs, with high ceilings, lots of wood, and fairly goofy artwork on the walls. And like a brewpub, it has a large selection of interesting beers on tap, with the emphasis on Belgian. But unlike a brewpub, it has a large selection of unusual sausages -- including rattlesnake and smoked elk with jalapeno.

I attended on opening night, and there definitely some bugs to be worked out.

 These seemed to stymie them a bit more than necessary, e.g. it seemed to take an inordinately long time for them to figure out that they could forgo the non-working iPad-based credit card processing and at least take orders from people with cash. But the servers were all helpful and enthusiastic, which gives me faith in the service long term. The range of beers and sausages definitely makes this worth a visit.

510 Westlake Ave N, Seattle, WA 98102 - (206) 223-5528
Est. Feb 3, 2012 - Building constructed: 1919
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