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Sunday, April 24, 2011

#1363 #S823 - Moby's Restaurant, Seattle - 2/5/2011

Moby's appears to have once been a fern bar, and is now barely a ghost of a bar. There are three tap handles on the ten beer taps, exactly 15 different bottles of liquor, and the shelves behind the bar are now crammed with knickknacks - manekis and model ships, chrome dolphins and silk butterflies, Betty Boop and Native American figurines.

It's not the sort of place anyone would ever seek out for a drink or a good time -- it closes by 7:30 every evening. The restaurant appears to be run by some nice, older Chinese ladies, who serve the kind of food you might find in a retirement home cafeteria. My chicken skewers came with no sauce of any kind, and with exactly ten french fries, and the salad was your basic iceberg and bottled Italian dressing. It is curiously pallid for a place next to a live theater (ACT), but probably a pretty good fit for many of the older crowds that frequent various convention center events.

725 Pike St, Seattle, WA 98101-2361 - (206) 447-0507 - yelp

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