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Sunday, April 11, 2010

#1069 #S626 - Crown Hill Pub, Seattle - 4/7/2010

Update: The Crown Hill Pub closed after the death of long term owner Hope Greebaum in 2015.

A neighborhood dive where the bartender knew everyone by name (except me). Martina, the bartender, alternates between serving up Olympia and chatting on the phone ("Hi. I'm doing fine. Who am I speaking? I am making my dollar.") Another partner talks about his last time at the pub, when someone wanted to trade his '96 Ford F150 pickup for his cadillac (in all my visits to bars, no one's ever made me a serious offer to trade cars).

There has been a bar in this location since at least 1940, when the Polk guide lists a bar owned by Theo. Woelfert. By the mid 1950sit was Sportsmen's Tavern, by the 70s it was Terminal Tavern or Glaser's Terminal Tavern, then Sidewinder in the 80s, and The Water Hole in the 90s.

8511 15th Ave NW, Seattle, Washington 98117
Building constructed: 1927
Previous bars at this location: Sportsmen's Tavern, Terminal Tavern, Sidewinder, The Water Hole
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1 comment:

John said...

A great local dive bar with great bartenders. A nice quite place to have and afternoon bar.