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Monday, February 15, 2010

#992 - Wayne's World Tavern, Seattle - 2/13/2010

So here's one of several reasons I will not be going back to Wayne's World Tavern: On this particular night, I was by myself and had things to do and only wanted to get one drink and go. They have Manny's on tap, so I order a pint. Keep in mind that this is a dive bar south of Boeing Field, not a New York airport bar or El Bulli. The bartender apologetically explained that pints were $6!  But mini-pitchers, she added, were only $7.

 So I'm all for heavy drinking, but what kind of dive bar won't sell beer in any increments smaller than 32 ounces? Do they get kickbacks from the Tukwila PD for each DUI? "She [the owner] says that pints are hard to pour," the bartender explains.

1832 S 120th Street, Seattle, WA 98168 - (206) 433-8658


Monkey's Mama said...

that is insane

woofmutt said...

If you were in Beverly Park just sniffing out dives, I'm impressed.