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Sunday, July 12, 2009

#850 - Bastille, Seattle (Ballard) - 7/11/2009

Update: After temporarily closing due to the Coronavirus in March 2020, the owners announced that Bastille would be refashioned into Sabine Cafe, which opened their cafe portion Oct 28, 2020. The bar portion remained closed to be reopened when conditions allow.

This may be the completion of the gentrification of Ballard and final concession of Seattle's hip neighborhood to Georgetown / SoDo. But if so, what a way to go.

The place is beautiful, with glowing, vintage sconces that will make steampunks envious, French subway accoutrements, very fine French brasserie style food, and a rollicking, sexy salsa scene in the gorgeous back bar. By comparision to the august interior, the patio looks rather plain, but also spacious and welcoming. And it detracted nothing my first impression that the place (in the location of the old Obermaier Machine Works building) was packed with beautiful women the Saturday night we went. Gentrification certainly has its benefits.

Est. 2010 - Closed March 2020 (refashioned into Sabine Cafe) - Building constructed 1927
5307 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107-4061 - (206) 453-5014 - yelp - seattle times - myballard

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