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Monday, March 23, 2009

#786 - Urbane (Olive 8), Seattle - 3/23/2009

It's almost unfair to judge this as a bar. Not because it's only been open for five weeks, but because once again it's an afterthought to the restaurant. I had a couple good conversations with the patrons to either side, I liked the bartender, and my "Pill Hill Sling" was very tasty. But the bar is too small, too bright, and too much like it's stuck in a hallway -- almost like an airport bar out on some extended terminal.

So kudos to the building for being LEEDS certified and I heard good things about the hotel service; and I liked most the decor, even if I find the exterior a bit of an eyesore. But this is not a bar worth going out of your way for.

1635 8th Avenue (map) - - yelp


Anonymous said...

Lost my business card with your blog info on it, and just found your site! Very nice, and I agree with your thoughts on the Olive8. I don't want you to stop your quest at 1000, and propose to help you out in NH, or at least the NE when you are ready..Always good to have another drinker to critique the bars! Good luck and will be sure to keep an eye on your blog!

Take care


Anonymous said...

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