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Monday, December 15, 2008

#743 - Heaven, Seattle (Pioneer Square) - 12/14/2008

Update: Heaven closed in 2010 and was replaced by Volume nightclub.

The old "Catwalk" with very little changed (except the Men's and Women's rooms inexplicably switched), and the crowd and vibe varying greatly with particular nights and events.

Historical Notes: This space is perhaps the most storied of current Seattle bars or clubs. In 1890 it was established by vaudeville pioneer John Considine as "The People's Theater," the most notorious of Seattle's old "box houses," where female performers sold drinks on the floor and more personalized services in the closed box rooms.  Considine brought big time acts like "Little Egypt" to the theater, and battled Pantages for theatrical crowds and even Wyatt Earp for a brief period.  In 1901 Considine and his brother were engaged in a shootout by ex-employee and ex-Chief of Police William L. Meredith.

As much or more than any other man, Considine helped establish Seattle's "Tolerance Policy," the well-established guidelines for paying off police that would last for 80 years and help nurture both the Jackson Street jazz scene and Pioneer Square gay scene.  The most epic example of the latter was "The Casino," (unofficially known as "Madame Peabody’s Dancing Academy for Young Ladies"), where drag queens and gays danced openly with each other, and their reputation attracted gay and bi people from all over the country including the likes of Rudolf Nureyev and Tallulah Bankhead.

Many years later (1994-2005), it became The Catwalk, hosting fetish fashion shows and various gothic and S&M themed events.

172 S. Washington St, Seattle, 98104 - 206.622.1863
Est. 2006 - Closed 2010 - Building constructed: 1890

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Men's and Women's rooms inexplicably switched

maybe it's a form of wear leveling.